Doll Packaging (b+w test prints)

Black and white test prints for some doll packaging, digital art made from traditional art.

1/3 Faerie/Anthro BJD Design

Designing some very tall, thin dolls (pictured on left inside a3 folder since it’s drawn on several a3 sheets) and doodling some jointing systems on the right.

Doll Accessory Packaging Design

Doodles for doll packaging (wigs+jewellery) I will probably use the one on the right, and the heart on the left, but cleaned up in an image editing program.

Doll Designing Notes:

Notes on 1/6 Doll design started 2nd October: 26th October: I doodled changes, an extra doll head (eyes closed thinking/sleeping) changed the hands and drew two new sets, and two more leg options, so this doll now has three hand sets/poses, three legs sets/poses, and three faces/expressions (for character expression/photography purposes) 1st November: More doll...

Doll Designing

Some doll designing is happening…they will have changeable ears or horns, (holes at top) a smiling closed-eye head, (bottom left) and a set of different eye positions (top left) my own unique joint designs for most points, and changeable wigs and clothes of course.

Test BJD (Jointing System)

I’m thinking about making a small, probably fashion doll size, test BJD sculpt very soon (I will film it if I do!)In my mind I’d like to make a tiny fairy, but that is probably not possible with this complexity. I want to test out my jointing system I designed years ago, since nearly every...

Doll Tutu-making

A pile of hand-pleated tulle, that will later be machine-stitched and turned into doll tutus.

#DollyWIP Sculpting

A rough but cute start for a 1/3 BJD girl.

Tiny DollUnited logo (Fabric Printing)

A DollUnited logo printed very tiny on fabric, as a test for possible printed doll clothing designs.