BJD Sculpting

DollUnited – Eve BJD Sculpt

Here is my doll Eve, there are two more doll heads which will turn into characters Twilight (a faerie) and Moonrise (sleeping face and I’m thinking a haute couture goth style for her) This one has a glamorous, soft style with lace and velvet, and faux fur detail.

Sculpting my doll Eve

A (physical, including rainbow glitch from my screen cable being knocked out) screenrecording showing my nearly-finished doll sculpt Eve including additional heads on the side, from 1st May 2023. My doll 3D Printed on the 24th June 2023 💗 Showing the posing ability of the sculpt She just needs clothes, eyes and hair (next post!)

#DollyWIP Sculpting

A rough but cute start for a 1/3 BJD girl.

Logo Character WIP

A not-quite finished WIP of DollUnited logo characters.