Clothes Sizing Ideas

I had a very good idea which I’ve never seen anyone do before (perhaps because it’s slightly convoluted) but with doll clothing/accessories, even within a scale there are significant size variations. So you could buy a 1/6 item which was too small or too loose. So I have devised petite, medium and BJD sizes for...

Doll Designing Notes:

Notes on 1/6 Doll design started 2nd October: 26th October: I doodled changes, an extra doll head (eyes closed thinking/sleeping) changed the hands and drew two new sets, and two more leg options, so this doll now has three hand sets/poses, three legs sets/poses, and three faces/expressions (for character expression/photography purposes) 1st November: More doll...

Doll Designing

Some doll designing is happening…they will have changeable ears or horns, (holes at top) a smiling closed-eye head, (bottom left) and a set of different eye positions (top left) my own unique joint designs for most points, and changeable wigs and clothes of course.

Test BJD (Jointing System)

I’m thinking about making a small, probably fashion doll size, test BJD sculpt very soon (I will film it if I do!)In my mind I’d like to make a tiny fairy, but that is probably not possible with this complexity. I want to test out my jointing system I designed years ago, since nearly every...

#DollyWIP Sculpting

A rough but cute start for a 1/3 BJD girl.

Tiny DollUnited logo (Fabric Printing)

A DollUnited logo printed very tiny on fabric, as a test for possible printed doll clothing designs.

Logo Character WIP

A not-quite finished WIP of DollUnited logo characters.

Character design: Spacey

Unnamed new character design, who I might just call Spacey.


Sewing a tutu for a 1/6 mature mini, (fashion doll) size.