New Logo Print

A physical watermark, printed in plastic for my product photos (an upgrade to the previously shown wooden painted logo from 2022)

Wig Packaging 💗

Special illustrated instructions and… A lovely mini print of DollUnited sculpt Eve.

DollUnited – Eve BJD Sculpt

Here is my doll Eve, there are two more doll heads which will turn into characters Twilight (a faerie) and Moonrise (sleeping face and I’m thinking a haute couture goth style for her) This one has a glamorous, soft style with lace and velvet, and faux fur detail.

Sculpting my doll Eve

A (physical, including rainbow glitch from my screen cable being knocked out) screenrecording showing my nearly-finished doll sculpt Eve including additional heads on the side, from 1st May 2023. My doll 3D Printed on the 24th June 2023 💗 Showing the posing ability of the sculpt She just needs clothes, eyes and hair (next post!)

New Wing Accessory: Pattern/Design

My wing design/pattern from yesterday, I should be able to make lightweight one or two-tone wings in faux suede this way. The back will look different from the front since I’m using two double-sided sewn pieces.

Doll Packaging (b+w test prints)

Black and white test prints for some doll packaging, digital art made from traditional art.

1/3 Faerie/Anthro BJD Design

Designing some very tall, thin dolls (pictured on left inside a3 folder since it’s drawn on several a3 sheets) and doodling some jointing systems on the right.

Doll Accessory Packaging Design

Doodles for doll packaging (wigs+jewellery) I will probably use the one on the right, and the heart on the left, but cleaned up in an image editing program.

Doll Designing

Some doll designing is happening…they will have changeable ears or horns, (holes at top) a smiling closed-eye head, (bottom left) and a set of different eye positions (top left) my own unique joint designs for most points, and changeable wigs and clothes of course.