Safety ❤

I’ve started making some wiggies (aka doll wigs) for sale, and later on there will be dolls too!

Here’s a quick note about safety for items and shipping. ❤

Even though I’m healthy, and wash my hands constantly, I’ve now also got antibacterial gel and wet wipes to clean my products after each stage of making, and I’m very happy about it!

I was only using wet wipes before, so the gel is new. It still has to be gentle on the fragile materials, so it’s just products for hands/face. But the ‘rona has made me more aware of safety, especially of vulnerable people, so I will always do this.

Also once an item is photographed and ready for sale, I pre-package it for shipping and put it aside. So the recommended cool-off period of leaving a received item aside for a few days before opening, is already done, at least for the inside of the package –

– the outside will obviously be handled by the postal service. I did the pre-packaging before the ‘rona, as it makes more sense to me to do everything at once, but it’s also a little safer.